Professional   will be competent in using computer-aided design software such as AutoCAD and Revit, which are innovative tools used to help them in conceptualising architectural designs. These tools used for building-information-modelling, feature the exceptional ability to classify, process and present data.

Architects in Pretoria may possess versatile skills and abilities within their firms and broader offerings. As part of their extended services some can create designs for buildings and complexes; draw up plans for changes to existing structures; and design as well as execute engineering projects. This describes our team and approach, here at Archiway architects.

Architectural designs of buildings and structures need  to satisfy three all-important factors: safety, stability and functionality. There is also a further need that buildings and structures are so designed to be aesthetically pleasing.

Like in every other sphere of our world, the advent of the computer has transformed the way architects work – and it’s no different in Pretoria. Computer software has made the range of activities from sketching initial impressions formed around an idea, to creating intricate construction documents, to providing contractors with the necessary information – much simpler today. The major impact of computers has made drawing and sketching by hand almost outdated in fact.

The benefits of using a modern architectural drafting system includes: quality product and services, optimised cycle times, lower costs, increased productivity and more realistic model representations.

CAD, or Computer aided design for architectural use, facilitates the use of automated drawing which helps architects to make a digital image of a complete three dimensional structure. This shows the object with top, front, back, bottom and side views.

In addition, architects can use CAD to design pictorial drawings including animated ones and make them photorealistic. Without the use of CAD this is a laborious and time consuming manual process. CAD also makes accessing and using existing  designs quicker and easier. There is no need for physically tracing existing designs, or erasing and redrawing lines for any changes or remodelling needs, greatly lengthening the time taken to complete the service.

Computer software available to innovative and forward-thinking acilitates an improved and more professional service for architectural drafting. This improves the success of project planning and thus execution as well. For innovative and tailored architectural solutions has the expertise and resources to help you and your business. Contact us now for further information or to engage us on your next assignment.


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