You may think that if you simply want to add that third bedroom to your house, or convert your garage into a granny flat you do not need building plans. You should, however think again. Building plans are essential when you are planning on renovating your home or making structural changes to it.

The only time you do not need building plans for minor renovations, is if you will not be changing the structure of your home. That means you will not be breaking down any walls, removing or moving any windows or doors and so forth. It is however, advisable to determine and understand the exact policies and procedures regarding renovations and alterations – no matter how big or small. You can obtain this information from your local municipality or city council before you start renovating.

For all larger renovations or alterations you may have to invest in a set of well- drawn and accurate building plans done by a professional on CAD. Many people offer building plans that are extremely cheap or affordable and you may even insist on drawing up your own floor plans. If you have a computer, have a good knowledge of CAD, some experience with technical drawing and designing and want to draw up your own building plans, you are welcome to try. You may have to do some research on the various building standards and regulations and one thing you have to remember though, is that you will need to submit your finished plans to your local municipality or council for approval before you are given permission to demolish or renovate.

If the building plans are incorrect or have not been drawn up properly, they may be returned to you for amendments or rejected completely. The delay with your plans to renovate may waste valuable time and money – especially if you need to have them re-done by a professional at short notice.

It is therefore advisable to have the building plans for your home alterations drawn up by a reputable architect. You can then rest assured that your plans will be accurate and professionally created with CAD to avoid any nasty delays and surprises during your home renovation.


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