Finding the perfect landscape architect this winter

Landscape;architecture has a very prominent role to play in both the residential and industrial building sectors. Landscape architecture is essentially the conceptualisation and design of public outdoor spaces. Landscape architecture has the ability to transform a bland plot of land into a beautiful environment – where outdoors transition seamlessly into indoor spaces. This piece will take a look at landscape architecture and how it can spruce up your building surroundings this winter.It also highlights the importance of using an experienced landscape architect for excellent results.

What is landscape architecture and where is it used?

Landscape architecture is best defined as the design of public outdoor areas. These can include parks, public squares, sporting arenas and beachfront areas. The landscape architect needs to have a very clear understanding of how these areas need to interact with the surrounding environment. The creative flair of the architect coupled with sound knowledge of the surrounding ecosystem, can create some of the most beautiful outdoor spaces.

Of course the skills of a landscape architect can be employed for personal use around ones home where the property is fairly large, in secure estates, luxury beachfront homes, sprawling villas and so on – for some of the most magnificent and professionally designed outdoor spaces.

Landscape architecture for this winter

Designing a public outdoor space specifically tailored to South African winters is slightly trickier than it would be in parts of the world where snow is quite common. This is largely down to the fact that these spaces can be specifically tailored to suit a snowy landscape. In South Africa, however, these landscapes very rarely receive any snow at all. It is therefore important to incorporate the type of flora that will give the space character during winter months. The use of correct flora can also attract desirable fauna – which in turn will draw larger volumes of people to your park, outside area or simply make the space more practical.

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