What is a modular house or office?

A modular design is one that is created off site and then assembled by the builder in a system built- like format.

Buying a modular home is  a big commitment for anyone. It is an investment in the future, so it is not only important to find the best quality home but also to choose the best modular house plans in order to maintain resale value and provide good liveability.

Modular House design needs the owner or architect to have:

It is important to determine the desired characteristics and features that are wanted, as well as the undesired features. For instance, a family with an elderly member or very small children may not want a home where all the bedrooms are located on a second floor.

Archiway Architects has design experience using modular design techniques. For an example of a modular office design, follow this link. In some cases, there may be a “mock up” home / office used for showings – giving potential buyers a feel for the home and allowing them to picture themselves  living in it more vividly.

When considering modular designs, it is a good idea to view more than one idea before making a final decision. One home/office may be a great choice, but something even better may be available if one takes the time to look. In some cases, home plans not intended for modular homes may be customisable for the purpose of manufacturing as a modular home.  

Archiway Architects( based in Pretoria's)  extensive knowledge of green design and our involvement with the green building council since 2007, Archiway Architects offers an additional service to any client to incorporate green design principles from an early design stage ensuring the best solutions depending on how “green” the client wishes the building to be. 

Archiway Architects is able to assist in obtaining an actual green star rating should this be required 

A green star rating is certification awarded and allocated points resulting in 4-star, 5-star and 6-stars based on the green measures implemented in the design and construction of the building