Home Design: Water Feature


Water features are undoubtedly a lovely addition to a landscaped garden.

Water features are a wonderful idea to create a tranquil feel in your garden. Good for those long garden working days. If light from a fire can make us feel warm, the cool sounds of water bubbling and sunlight glinting off the surface - can definitely enhance your calm as well as attract all kinds of marvellous wildlife.


Water features come in all shapes and sizes so here are some things to think about before you install one


Choosing a water feature

Fountains and decorative features are usually down to taste, but ponds will have all sorts of practical considerations, from size and the types of filters you may need, to how deep to dig and the right materials for your pond liner.


Some practical questions to ask yourself when choosing a water feature:



What type of water feature would suit your current landscaping?



How much budget you want to set for this project? A good gardener should typically  be able to help you decide what to install. In most cases, they’ll be able to supply all the necessary materials too.


Think about water feature safety?

The first thing to think about when determining water feature safety, is who will be using your garden? If you have little ones then you could possibly think about installing a fence around it, or laying it over with mesh across the pond. Alternatively, you could put the a larger pond off for later, and invest now in s small elevated pond or fountain. Also, don't place the pond too far away, if you have little ones you want to keep them in eyeshot.


Lighting for a water feature is another safety precaution you want to take a look at. People will inevitably be walking in your garden in the dark, and you don't want somebody to bump into the a rock and fall into the water, or just plain fall in from lack of sight.


Also, adding simple solar powered lamps or mood lights, will make for a wonderful summer evenings attraction, when all you want to do is sit on the desk, sip a cold one and relax.


Water feature maintenance

Water features will generally look, after themselves but where there’s running water - there will always be a little maintenance required. Generally with the spout and the drainage. If you are keeping fish in the pond, you may be faced with the little-unwelcoming challenge of cleaning the pond. A good gardener willa also stand you stead, if you hire him/her for this service. Remember, there will always be dead leaves and unwanted debris on the top of the pond. So take care of that.


The pond water level will have to be filled up, from time to time especially considering summer. And keeping plants in the water should be handy because they directly compete for nutrients combating algae.

Include water feature in part of your larger landscaping project
Including a water feature in your plans to revamp your landscaping will make it a lot easier and less expensive, especially if you’re having to move and dig up some newly planted plants, later on to make space for your new water feature.