You may feel it is very simple to design a garden or “green” an area and that anyone can make a pretty garden and not much thought is necessary for the process. This is unfortunately not always the case. Whilst it may be possible  for most people to make and design a simple garden, the expertise of a landscape architect may be necessary.

Landscape architects are involved in a number of fields or areas within their discipline. One of these may include the planning, design and implementation  of various green areas we often take for granted. These are the green areas and gardens on our roads, the gardens in our parks, in our security complexes and so forth. Landscape architects are also involved in examining sites in order to determine  the soil type, drainage climate of the area and so on. They are also involved in analysing the environmental impact of various developments before commencement.

Sustainable development is another very important facet of landscape architecture. This is especially so as global trends seem to  embrace this concept more and more. It may be all fair and well to use a landscape architect with large projects; however you may want to explore the possibility of contracting a landscape architect for assistance in your own garden. This may prove to be  a worthwhile investment, especially if you are planning on creating a garden from scratch or want to change and re-design an existing space.

A landscape architect will not only be involved in advising you on which plants will work where according to your needs and  space, but they are also involved in the designing and creation of outdoor features such as water features, paved areas and outdoor living spaces. A good landscape architect will be able to effortlessly combine your tastes and preferences to create an exterior living area that extends from the interior of the structure.